Today 26 January 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo the 35 years old football player who made history with goals with matches played for different football clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and now in Juventus for Serie A. Married with Georgina Rodrgiuez with 4 children and living with family together. The most followed person in Instagram and Facebook. One of the […]

Dua Lipa is one of the most popular worldwide pop singers that are becoming more and more famous with more than 14.6 subscribers in the channel of YouTube, more than 48 milion followers in the social network Instagram is now one of the most trending worldwide artists of the moment. Dua Lipa relased the new […]

Rita Ora one of most popular artist in the world stage like a star with many proffesions, working like singer, model and actress. With a spirit of humanity Ora is one of the most popular singer with many advertising with the famous brands like CocaCola, Adidas etc. Ora has relased before 3 weeks the latest […]

Bebe Rexha is one of the most popular singers in the world in the pop category artists with many hit songs like “Hey Mama”, “Meant to be”, “Say my name” etc. Bebe has not relased any song in the the last month and the reason has not been declared by the singer. Bebe has writed […]

Njomza is called the new hip hop artist with Albanian roots and is going to be a summer sensation with the collaborations with Ariana Grande with the 2 latest hits. Njomza is a very cute and beautiful singer that the reason the fans like her so much. Njomza is a very good friend of Ariana […]

Era Istrefi is the singer that singed the song called Bon Bon a worldwide hit sensation before years ago with more than 700 milion views in the YouTube and more than a 1 bilion views all in the music platforms. Era is one of the most famous Albanian artists in the Europe and world because […]

AvaMax is the famous pop singer with Albanian roots from Albanian parents. She reached the fame with the single “Sweet but Psycho” and has been number one in the charts more than 4 weeks. The song views for the moment are 585 milions and is a mega hit.Ava has launched many hits like “So Ami”, […]

Enca is the name of pop famous singer in the Balkan countries like Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Grecce, Bulgaria and Serbia. Enca has a big fame in the Asian countries like Saudi Arabia and has reached more than 126 milion views in the hit with the artist Noizy. Enca is a very beautiful and […]

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